Edge Case Research Expands in the European Market

Edge Case Research
2 min readMay 19, 2020

Michael Wagner, CEO, Edge Case Research, Inc. and Manuela Rasthofer, Managing Director of Edge Case Research GmbH

In the future, autonomous mobility will transport us to work, carry our families and friends to see each other and deliver the goods we count on every day. Edge Case Research’s mission is to ensure that everyone stepping into a self-driving car gets a safe ride and that every autonomous vehicle traveling through our neighborhoods is built safely from the ground up.

Edge Case began six years ago in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, in many ways the birthplace of the autonomous vehicle industry. Since we began, however, autonomous driving became a global endeavor in which Germany plays a leading role. Beyond merely being a powerhouse in automotive manufacturing, Germany has profoundly deep expertise in all key autonomy technologies and a regulatory environment focused on safety.

All these factors make Germany a natural market for Edge Case’s safety engineering solutions, and our customers include German first-tier automotive suppliers as well as OEMs. In 2019, Edge Case and Ansys kicked off a partnership with BMW to speed up the development of a safety-focused solution for the validation of autonomous driving systems. At that time, Edge Case established an office in Munich to foster growth in Germany and the EU.

Today, I am pleased to announce that we are taking a dramatic step forward in our European business. As part of an asset deal, Edge Case has integrated the team from TerraLoupe GmbH, a Munich-based deep tech startup. TerraLoupe was founded in 2015 to bring aerial image analysis products to market, with its headquarters not far from Munich’s beautiful Englischer Garten. Edge Case began collaborating with TerraLoupe in 2019 and quickly recognized that merging the expertise in deep learning and established knowledge in automotive applications was a win-win for both companies. I am honored to add a talented, award-winning Munich-based team that is famous for its HD map creation and our Hologram product development efforts.

I’m also honored to partner with TerraLoupe’s founder, Manuela Rasthofer, to grow Edge Case’s footprint in the EU. Manuela is a talented entrepreneur with considerable experience in the automotive industry. She and her team will allow us to serve customers in Germany and across the EU better, as well as guarantee a strong base of technology and standardization for autonomous driving.

As we take this next step, Edge Case is excited to work hand in hand with the European OEMs and first-tier suppliers to guarantee “Sicherheit für den Autonomen Verkehr”… that means, deliver the promise of autonomy, for everyone.



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