The responsibilities and liability of a self-driving vehicle user

By: Dr. Philip Koopman, Edge Case Research & Carnegie Mellon University

Vehicle Automation Modes. Image CC BY 4.0

If you follow self-driving car technology it’s likely you’ve encountered the SAE Levels of automation. The SAE Levels range from 0 to 5, with higher numbers indicating more capable driving…

Delivering safety for their safety

On this November 11th, Veterans Day, we honor our beloved veterans and share our appreciation for those that served and continue to serve our country with honor and pride. Today we reflect on the many years that we have worked alongside our U.S. military to…

Edge Case Research is working alongside the insurance industry to quantify risk

The “drivers of tomorrow” will likely be a dramatic change from what we experience on our roads today. Replacing hundreds of thousands of human drivers, the driver of the future may be hundreds of millions of lines of…

Mike Wagner, Co-Founder, and CEO (left) and Prof. Phil Koopman, Co-Founder and CTO (right)

By: Mike Wagner, Edge Case Research, Co-Founder and CEO

Safety is the foundation on which our autonomous future will be built. We have to trust that the automation we’re handing our car keys to, that flies our planes, and that diagnoses our diseases will keep us safe. Yet as fleets…

Edge Case Research

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